What are the services provided?

The Accident and Emergency Department will provide healthcare services irrespectively of the manner of access and transfer of a beneficiary to an A&E. 
Upon the arrival of a beneficiary at an A&E a triage system will apply that will determine whether an incident is an emergency and will classify cases into categories depending on the severity of the health status of the beneficiary.  There are four categories in the triage system – extremely urgent, very urgent, urgent and non-urgent.
 The waiting time for the provision of services differs depending on the classification category of the incident.  In case an incident is deemed as non-urgent then the HIO will reimburse the A&E only for the examination performed during the triage.  
In these cases the beneficiary will be informed that if he/she wishes to receive healthcare services within the framework of the GHS then he/she must go to his/her Personal Doctor.

 If any beneficiary insists on receiving treatment by the A&E then he/she must pay personally for his/her treatment costs. 

The healthcare services provided by the A&E are included in a healthcare services catalogue prepared by the HIO in cooperation with public hospitals and the Cyprus Association of Private Clinics and Hospitals.
After the provision of the necessary healthcare services by an A&E, the provision of such services by the said Department is deemed complete and the A&E issues a discharge.
The provision of Α&Ε healthcare services will be implemented in June 2020. Therefore the catalogue of services will be added at a later stage.

The A&E may, together with the discharge, issue referrals for the provision of healthcare services by other providers.