Chairman's Welcome Message

Dear visitors,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the HIO’s website on behalf of the HIO Board of Directors.
The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) is a legal entity governed by public law that was established in accordance with the Law on the Introduction of the General Healthcare System (GHS) in Cyprus.
Our mission is to implement a people-centred health system that will be based on the principles of social solidarity, justice and universality, both in regards to contributions and coverage. The GHS aims to tackle the multiple distortions and inequalities of the current healthcare sector, to take full advantage of the available health resources of both the private and the public sector, and to secure fairness of access while maximizing productivity and efficiency of both human resources and infrastructure.
All of the above constitute the HIO’s vision for our country’s healthcare system so that every citizen can enjoy lifelong, equal and unhindered access to high quality healthcare services.  We are well aware that in order for our vision to come to fruition it must inspire all of us.

I hope that this website will offer you the opportunity and the possibility to be informed about the General Healthcare System. Our goal is to make available to you a user-friendly website that will offer a modern way of communication, as well as access to information and services.
I hope that your interaction with the website is useful and constructive.
Thomas Antoniou
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Health Insurance Organisation