Chairman’s Welcome Message

Dear visitors,
On behalf of the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) Board, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the General Healthcare System (GHS) website. 
Since the launch of the GHS, our mission has been the implementation and the operation of a people-centred System based on the principles of social solidarity, justice and universality, in regard to both contribution and coverage of healthcare services needs. The GHS is a comprehensive and financially sustainable healthcare System aiming to meet the expectations of Cypriot citizens for equal access to treatment and provision of high quality healthcare by using, in the best possible way, all available resources. 
Despite the initial challenges, the steady course of the General Healthcare System over the first few years of its operation, is solid proof of its necessity as well as its significance for the society.  It was called to meet citizens’ high expectations in the midst of unprecedented difficult circumstances, such as the pandemic and the outbreak of several other infections; its response and the services offered have been proven to be more than valuable.
All of us at the Organisation share the same vision, a healthcare system which ensures that every citizen has equal and unrestricted access to high quality healthcare services; this is what we are tirelessly working for.

Through vigorous and effective action the Organisation has to strengthen and safeguard the key principles underpinning its operation such as universality, solidarity in funding, equal access and provision of quality services.  The General Healthcare System is founded on a model plan, ideal for the size and the profile of Cyprus.
In the coming years, our aim is to strengthen the System’s financial sustainability, introduce new healthcare services and improve the quality of the provided services.
From personal experience I know that the General Healthcare System’s website is an important tool offering both beneficiaries and providers the opportunity to be informed about the System and its competencies in a user-friendly digital environment which at the same time, offers a modern communication and interaction facility.
I hope you find your browsing experience useful and constructive.

Yours sincerely,
Stavros Michael
Health Insurance Organization