Information Technology System

What functionalities are provided by the GHS IT system? 

The IT system is the backbone of the GHS and it is a centralised system that is under development and will be made available by the HIO.
Two important subsystems of the IT system are the Beneficiary Portal and the Provider Portal, which are available online via GHS website to Beneficiaries and Providers respectively.  Access to these Portals, require the setup of an access account via the GHS website and an activation through a secure procedure, set in accordance with the information security policy of the Organisation. 
Beneficiaries are able to do the following via the Beneficiary Portal: 
  • enrol as a GHS beneficiary and register in the list of the Personal Doctor of their choice,
  • submit questions and lodge complaints,
  • have access to their personal information,
  • have access to their medical history and the medical history of their children,
  • have access to directories of providers.
Providers can use the corresponding Provider Portal to execute all the required functions of the GHS such as:
  • apply for enrolment and contracting,
  • have access to their personal information,
  • manage the beneficiaries list (for personal doctors),
  • issue and execute referrals,
  • issue and execute prescriptions for pharmaceutical and consumable products,
  • issue and execute orders (or referrals) for lab and diagnostic tests,
  • submit lab and diagnostic tests results,
  • access and update beneficiaries' electronic files,
  • submit payment requests,
  • submit questions and lodge complaints,
  • receive automated reminders and announcements.
All providers who are under a contract with the HIO, as well as their paramedical and/or support staff, will have access to the Provider Portal.  The Organisation can provide training on the use of the System as well as technical Support via the Contact Centre.  
Finally, the IT system will support all internal processes of the HIO including the Fund’s Claims Management, payments and all relevant subsystems required for the proper functioning of the GHS.