How to access services provided by nurses, midwives and allied health professionals?

1. Beneficiary access to nurses, midwives and allied health professionals [1]

Access by Referral
Beneficiaries have access to a nurse, clinical dietician, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, physiotherapist and clinical psychologist of their choice, provided they are referred by their personal doctor or an outpatient specialist and provided they are diagnosed with a specific diagnosis from a set of diagnoses that GHS covers for this purpose.
GHS covers a maximum number of visits per year, per beneficiary for services by the afore- mentioned healthcare professions.
GHS does not cover direct access by beneficiaries to the afore-mentioned healthcare professions, with the exception of Midwives. This rule will be implemented at a later stage. 
Choice of healthcare professional
Beneficiaries, upon receiving a referral, may communicate with an HIO contracted health professional of their choice to arrange a visit.
The beneficiary has a right, using the same referral, to change the professional he/she had visited initially. It is noted that the number of visits, for a specific referral to a specific provider category, shall remain unchanged.

2. Beneficiary access to other healthcare providers via a nurse, midwife and allied health professionals

Nurses, midwives, clinical dieticians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and clinical psychologists are not allowed to refer beneficiaries to other healthcare providers of the GHS.
[1] The allied health professionals included in the GHS are clinical dieticians, occupational therapists, Speech pathologists, physiotherapists and clinical psychologists.