Services and Codification

What are the services provided?

The outpatient healthcare services provided by nurses, midwives and allied health professionals (clinical dieticians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and clinical psychologists) will be included in healthcare services catalogues for each professional category.   


These catalogues are prepared by the HIO in cooperation with the respective professional associations.  

The HIO will not pay any fee to healthcare providers for healthcare services that are not covered by the GHS and are not included in the healthcare services catalogue of that specific profession.
As far as nurses are concerned, the healthcare services covered by the GHS concern home visits.


For the purpose of imporoving the standard of helathcare services provided to GHS beneficiaries and by using international standards, the HIO has adopted the use of codification for the classification of services, activites, diagnoses, pharmaceutical products, laboratory exams, etc.
By using codification, communication between GHS stakeholders, within the framework of the EU cross-border provision of healthcare services is optimized, both domestically and internationally.
Moreover, with codification, the capability to automatically classify information and data, useful for the overall improvement of GHS services, is greatly enhanced.
For GHS, both the codification of diagnoses and the codification activities/services, were designed and implemented by HIO.