What are the services provided?

The Personal Doctor (PD) concept includes the provision of continuous, comprehensive and coordinated healthcare.  PDs are the initial contact point of the beneficiaries with the GHS. 

The PD main services include the promotion of health and the prevention and treatment of illnesses. 

Having a Personal Doctor has the following advantages for the beneficiaries:

A. Easy and immediate access to healthcare services
A significant percentage of medical incidents can be effectively treated by the PD without delay
B. GHS Guidance 
The PD has the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively guide the beneficiary within the GHS by referring him/her to the appropriate healthcare provider. 
C. Effective implementation of preventive programmes
A direct, close and long-term relationship between the PD and the beneficiary helps the PD offer, in the most effective manner, structured monitoring and timely implementation and promotion of preventive/screening programmes. 
D. Better and comprehensive treatment of chronic diseases
Having a PD renders possible the effective treatment of chronic diseases due to the long-term relationship that is developed with the beneficiary.  
The HIO objective is for the PD to treat specific chronic diseases in accordance with guidelines, referrals to the appropriate specialties and within the indicated time frameworks but also in case the disease takes a turn for the worse.