What are the services provided?

The provision of pharmaceutical healthcare services by pharmacists within the GHS context, involves  dispensing of prescriptions, the provision of information and advice on the correct, safe and responsible use of medicinal products and the possibility of substitution with the cheapest medicinal product of the same active substance and pharmaceutical form (generic substitution).

The GHS compensates only for prescription medicinal products i.e. medicinal products, which according to the relevant law can only be dispensed with a doctor’s prescription. These medicinal products are included in the Catalogue of Medicinal Products which is compiled by the HIO following the relevant scientific committee’s recommendations

If the beneficiary chooses, a more expensive medicinal product than the one HIO fully compensates for, he / she pays Personal Contribution II. For each category of medicinal products, there will be at least one medicinal product for which there will be no requirement for Personal Contribution II to be paid on behalf of the beneficiary.
Prescribing of certain medicinal products is subjected to special regulations such as protocols / guidelines, prescribed by specific specialists’ categories, or pre-approval by the HIO.