How to access inpatient healthcare services?


1. Beneficiary access to Inpatient Healthcare Services 

Beneficiaries have access to inpatient healthcare services provided by a hospital of their choice given that they are referred by another healthcare provider as follows:
  • personal doctor
  • outpatient specialist
  • Accident and Emergency Department (A&E) - only contracted providers
  • another hospital


2.  Beneficiary access to other healthcare providers via the Inpatient Healthcare Services 

Upon discharge from a hospital, the hospital may ιssue the necessary referrals for services by Outpatient Specialists, Laboratories, as well as Pharmacists. Regarding Outpatient Specialists, the hospital may refer beneficiaries to the following providers for services:
  • Outpatient Specialists with referral for 3 visits within 6 months, except for Radiology, Cytology, and Pathological Anatomy
  • Outpatient Specialists of Radiology, Cytology, and Pathological Anatomy with a referral for 1 visit within 180 days of the date of issue