Quality Assurance

How is quality of healthcare services assured?

One of the main objectives of the GHS is the continuous improvement of the provided services for the benefit of all beneficiaries.

Certain measures concerning the upgrading of the quality of healthcare services provided by the GHS are indicatively described below:
  • The best possible use of public and private sector abilities is maximized.  As a result, the beneficiaries are given the opportunity to choose and receive the best possible treatment.  This will shorten significantly the waiting lists.
  • Primary healthcare is reinforced aiming at prevention, early diagnosis and timely treatment of patients.  In addition, better management of chronic diseases and implementation of national medical care programs for the benefit of public health can be achieved through the use of primary healthcare.
  • The introduction of a comprehensive information technology system means reliable registration, storing and processing of medical procedures therefore providing better and immediate information to both beneficiaries and providers.  Thus, and among other things, unnecessary and harmful for the health of beneficiaries medical procedures and/or pharmaceutical products can be avoided.
  • The use of international and reliable codification systems for diagnosis, pharmaceutical products, clinical tests and medical procedures safeguards transparency and effective processing of data in order to draw reliable conclusions regarding the healthcare services that are provided. 
  • The beneficiaries’ rights are reinforced.  A Supervision Commissioner is appointed with the authority to investigate complaints made by the beneficiaries and/or ex officio.
  • Minimum standards are set for healthcare providers aiming at securing a minimum healthcare quality level.
  • Clinical guidelines and clinical audits are applied that upgrade the quality of the services provided.
  • Incentives are introduced in the reimbursement manner of providers for the constant qualitative upgrading of their services.