About Outpatient Specialists

The GHS provides healthcare services offered by Outpatient Specialists (OS) to outpatients. The OSs are doctors whose specialty or specialty and subspecialty have been approved by the Cyprus Medical Council. 
Doctors who wish to offer healthcare services as outpatient specialists under the GHS must comply with the provisions of the GHS Law and the Regulations, internal regulations and Decisions issued thereof. 
The GHS covers outpatient specialist healthcare services by providers who have concluded a contract with the HIO. The specialties and/or subspecialties that are approved by the Cyprus Medical Council and with which the HIO may conclude contracts are the following:
Clinical Genetics Geriatric Medicine
Haematology  Pathology 
Diagnostic Radiology  Pathological Anatomy 
Radiation Oncology Pathological Oncology 
Allergology  Paediatric cardiology 
Anaesthetics Paediatric Psychiatry
Gastroenterology  Plastic Surgery 
General Surgery  Pneumology – Tuberculosis Specialist
Dermatology – Venereology Nuclear Medicine
Endocrinology  Rheumatology 
Cardiology  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 
Cytology  Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Obstetrics – Gynaecology  Vascular Surgery
Neurology  Thoracic Surgery
Neurosurgery  Paediatric Surgery 
Nephrology  Psychiatry 
Orthopaedics  Otolaryngology (ENT)
Urology  Paediatric Neurology 
Specialisation in Intensity Care
Specialisation in Infectious diseases
Specialisation in Neonatal Intensive Care